Simply Scientific Automated Dip Coater v4.1

Simply Scientific Automated Dip Coater is designed with three things in mind:
1) Laboratories are busy places with minimal free space.
2) There might be several users of the same device in a laboratory. Thus, the design should be user-friendly and easily understandable.
3) Automation must provide the required precision and speed to a laboratory.

With all this in mind, we offer an affordable solution for your dip coating applications.
Furthermore, this device is capable of more than just coating. By easily changing modular parts, the user can extend the spectrum of autonomous applications. 

Compact design – saves space while still being able to hold maximized number of samples, can also be used inside a glove box, includes storage compartment for accessories

Purge unit – the gas drying system is fully autonomous, can use the gas of user’s choice, improves sample stability, enhances layer growth and homogeneity

Simplicity – minimalist design, easy to operate

Modifiable/Modular – easily modified to suit the requirements of different applications

Cost-effective – minimizes human labor, requires minimal maintenance 

Economical – unbeatable price without any sacrifice from quality

  1. Magnetic Stirrers
  2. Probe Holders (pH/Temperature/Conductivity etc.)
  3. Curing Lamps
  4. Enclosure
  5. Multi-sample Holder
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